Friday, September 11, 2009

Mommies & Kids Playing with Paint

Kestan, and his buddy, Ella, experienced their debut at making Halloween art. My friend, Cathy, came up with the idea of letting the kids help us decorate our homes for the fall season. What a spontaneous adventure we embarked upon!
We started out by letting the kids color to their hearts delight. We found that using Crayola oil pastel sticks worked great because they are vibrant and bold on white textured sketch paper.

Then, we set out large, orange construction paper, and let the kids go crazy with fingerpaints. (The messier the better!)
This painting adventure also turned out to be a great recycling program. The orange paper plates that we used as paint palettes made simple pumpkins! Once the paint dried, we used a green oil pastel stick to draw the pumpkin face.
Then, we cut out leaf shapes using their finger painted paper and drawings.
Attached the leaves to strands of yarn.
And made beautiful leaf garlands for the fireplace. This idea turned out to be easy, inexpensive, and a great shared memory.
We all had SO much fun making art together and Cathy and I are now inspired to bring these kinds of art projects to mommy and baby playgroups in our area. What a special way to spend time with our own children, and an added bonus to be able to share the joy of creative play with others.

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