Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Creative Time

Kestan LOVES to paint. He has a little table and chairs that are his size (and used to be his aunt Lindsay's when she was little) and he sets out his paper, watercolors and crayons and goes to town. He usually requests music when he's painting, and the way he asks for music is by snapping his fingers and bopping his head to one side.

Yesterday he explored with coloring on the floor. Do you know the magic formula for getting crayon off hardwoods? Just a little toothpaste on a damp cloth and the crayon disappears!

Kestan is a very serious painter.

This one is going on the fridge!


  1. oh my!
    this brings back such sweet memories...
    13 years ago - this was our world too
    so happy to meet and see your sweet family
    thanks so much for sharing
    you have no idea what your words mean
    keep painting with your sweet guy
    times flies
    and then they become skateboarders
    still sweet - still creative
    but walking/rolling into the world...

    xox - eb.