Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Day in the Sun

We all had a fun family outing this past Saturday. First, we started off at the downtown Kansas City farmer's market.

Then, we took Kestan to Shawnee Mission Park for our first family bike ride together. At first, he was very interested, and enjoyed seeing all the sites around him. He even liked wearing his bike helmet, but we didn't get far before it completely covered his eyes. His head has some growing to do.

We rode for quite a while and after about 30 minutes Kestan got very sleepy. It must have been the 80 degree weather, the fresh air and the peace that comes from being out in nature (...and the fact that it was 2 hours past his nap time!).
We enjoyed some rests on the park benches, too, while Kestan slept.

Ah...the sweetness of summer.

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  1. Of course I love and appreciate every documented picture, and it's so wonderful to see Kestan helping and learning to be active! Shan, I have pictures of you cleaning the bathroom! And the beat goes on....