Friday, May 22, 2009

Mother's Day

Hope all of you mother's had a wonderful day! I certainly did. Chris, Kestan and I enjoyed a great brunch at Blue Bird in downtown Kansas City and then we spent the afternoon hanging with Mom and Jeff. It was a rainy day, which was a perfect backdrop for eating sweet potato soup and watching Jim Carrey's "Yes, Man".

We have started this new blog as a way to document all of the changes and special, everyday moments that we get to experience now as a family of three. Kestan's website is down for a bit, so until we figure out those glitches, this will be the new link to his photos and videos. I'm excited to have this blog up because everyday I say, "I need to write that in his baby book" and for some reason I never do. So I'm hoping that keeping up with these day-to-day happenings will be easier on the computer.
Our sweet boy is growing up before our eyes!

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